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Hair Care.

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Hair is deeply linked to confidence and identity. I didn't love my hair until I turned 30 and researched its porosity. 

  • Hair porosity:

  • Natural products:

Black Castor Oil

Coconut oil

Argon oil

Shea Moisture brand (Hydration Masque is my favorite!)

Peppermint to stimulate hair growth

Rice water (Take discarded rice water, cool it and apply as a leave in protein conditioner)

Rose water spritz 

  • Facebook Groups to Join:

Hair Care Tutorial for Interracial Adoptive Families

Transracial Care+Textured Hair

Hair/Skin for Transracial Families

Charleston Transracial Hair Care

  • Instagram Hair Influencers to follow: 



@Styles 4 Kids, NFP



  • Children:

       Mazelee:             v=GRNnLrW64VU


Doing your child's hair is a wonderful bonding moment. Have fun with it!

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