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Influencers and Books.

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

It's important to have people who reflect and model the needs of your family.


Books Written by Adoptees:

  • Inconvenient Daughter, by Lauren J. Sharkeley

  • For Black Girls Like Me, by Mariama J. Lockington

  • Older Sister, Not Necessarily Related, by Jenny Heijun Wills

  • See No Color, by Shannan Gibney

  • Through Adopted Eyes, by Elena S. Hall

  • Black Anthology: Adult Adoptees Claim their space, by Susan Harris O'Connor

  • My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me, by Jennifer Teege

  • I am Chocolate, You're Vanilla: Raising Healthy Black & Biracial Children, by Marguerite Wright

  • In Their Own Words: Black Americans on Transracial Adoption, by Rhonda M. Roorda

  • I Met Myself In October: A Memoir of Belonging by Jacob Taylor-Mosquera

  • Dear Stephen Michael's Mother by Kevin Barhydt

  • Does Anybody Else Look Like Me?, Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Website for Books by Country:

100 Best Adoption Books

Breath Eyes Memory (non-adoption book with Haitian author) -by Edwidge Danticat Co-Dependncy No More (non-adoption book focused on mental health) - Melody Beattie Letting Go -By David R. Hawkins (non-adoption book focused on mental health) Daring Greatly (non-adoption book focused on mental health) -Brene Brown The Girls Who Went Away -by Anne Flessler How to be an Anti-racist (non-adoption book focused on anti-racism) -by Ibram X. Kendi The Haiti Reader: History, Culture, Politics (non-adoption book) - Laurent Dubois Written in Blood -by Robert Debs Heinl The Big Truck That Went By: How the World Came to Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster By Jonathan M. Katz (non-adoption book) Social media Content:

Haitian Blogger:

Finding Paola Blogger (non-adoptee)

Jean Appolo (non-adoptee Haitian artist)

Riva Nyri (non-adoptee Haitian singer/dancer)


Adoption-centric Instagram:




















Adoption Families to follow:







Facebook Groups:

Haitian Adoptees

Transracial Adoption

Adoptee Mosaic

Adoptee Speaks

Intercountry Adoptee Voices

Breaking Barriers Podcasts

Lost Daughters Blog

Haitian Art Club

Adoptees of Chicago

Podcasts that are adoption centric:

  • Enneagram Journey Podcast


Intro to Grieving and the Enneagram: Suzanne Stabile (May 4th, 2022)

Foster care and adoption( May 4th, 2021)

Trauma and Adoption 3 part series (Jan 3, 2020)

  • Adoption advocacy Podcast:

A podcast to spark open dialogue incorporating all members of the adoption triad.

  • Adapted Podcast

Explores the experiences of Korean adoptees, from post-reunion stories, living in Korea as adults, identity and belonging and more.

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