"Our upbringing informs, it is not an indictment. Have courage, my love."

- Lanise Antoine Shelley

Fellow adoptees! Parents! And those who love us! This podcast is designed to empower you. We are anchoring our stories in current affairs and adoption-centric material, thus creating constructive healing-based conversations. We'll be engaging with adoptees from all over the world, and through unpacking our life's work, studying typology, reading literature and interviewing our own adoptive parents, our stories will unfold. This is not your average sit down. This is a platform to illuminate all the other brilliant aspects of who you are. I'm inviting therapists, psychologists, CEOs, coaches, adoption experts and wise friends to the table. We'll explore powerful self-love practices to define familial boundaries, regulate your nervous system, and implement culture in everyday life. I am an adoptee too. I am learning with you, and here to uplift and amplify the voices who could not speak when they were young. Posts every Saturday. @youngadoptee