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Searching for Biological Family.

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Here's how to feel supported during your search for your biological family.

  • To learn more on accessing Adoption Records:

  • To search for State Reunion Registries/Confidential Intermediary Services, see Information Gateway’s National Foster Care & Adoption Directory at https:// 

  • The largest passive registry is the International Soundex Reunion Registry at This free service is open to adoptee adults over 18 years of age, birth parents, and adoptive parents of children under 18 years of age. 

  • Responsible Father Registries, also called Putative Father Registries, are passive registries that exist in as many as 32 States. For more information on Responsible Father Registries, see http:// putative-father-registry. For a list of State Putative Father Registries, including addresses and contact information, see probate/registrylist.pdf.

  • “Search Angels” (, a service available in all States, consists of individuals who have experience conducting searches for birth relatives and will conduct adoption searches free of charge. Search angels are not private detectives or paid professional searchers. They can also be found on adoption search blogs, social networking sites, search support groups, and other online forums.

International Searches

  • Read: How Can I Help My Internationally Adopted Child Find Their Birth Parents?

  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services may provide copies of immigration records if you submit a Freedom of Information Act request ( about-us/freedom-information-and-privacy-act-foia/ uscis-freedom-information-act-and-privacy-act). 

  • International Social Service offers a range of social work services, including help if you were adopted and wish to find your birth family abroad (http://www. 


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